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As the lady of the house puts it

«I wish to receive and by just doing so, stimulate a different kind of attitude, one that encompasses conviviality and simplicity!

Martine is not only a devoted hoste, but also an exceptional person who knows nearly every thing regarding: receiving guests, cookery, varying the ways of wining and dining, leading workshops, and of course her indisputable talent as a decorator. With the desire of turning this house into a warm and comfortable place for demanding visitors, Martine has given it a soul. Showing at any instant her willingness to serve with great delicacy, Martine in return shows no lesser discretion when retiring to her rooms in order to let her guests take possession of the place. “The house, it’s all theirs. I want them to move all about at will, to take full advantage of the whole place, the salons and the courtyard. They need to feel themselves at home!” she proclaims.

Martine Quénot has benefited from a life rich in personal and professional experiences, rich in travels around the globe and in encounters entailed by her adventures. The Myon guesthouse bears witness to those multiple enrichments. The legacies of two grand-mothers have been highly beneficial to her as a tasteful person: one became a dressmaker in a renowned fashion store, the other a well known cook. Both had strong personalities and serve Martine as role models. Her father was an aesthete who studied the fine arts and became a patron and art collector. During her childhood he took Martine to auctions and educated her taste in art.

Later, she developed her sense of elegancy end beauty during her travels from where she brought a plenitude of works of art and crafts, such as sculptures, furniture and other souvenirs and accessories she found on market places. Chance encounters, a network of friends dealing in antiques, and flea markets are the sources of many of her furnitures, of side tables and diverse art peices.

Martine has skilfully used her know-how as a decorator and makes her collections serve well the Myon guesthouse. Her motley collection amassed over a lifetime now serenely adorns each of this residence’s living areas. Here, one of Salvador Dalí’s lithographs dialogues with a primitive sculpture from the Cape.

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